So true, Tal. You speak the TRUTH!!!.

The evidence is everywhere but the lame-stream media refuses to cover the story. Why? It seems very suspicious. And of course you're correct to phrase it as a question. Fox often runs a headline: Is Hunter Biden a Communist Spy? They're not saying he is, they're just asking the question. (Can't be sued for asking a question.)

So Tal you ask a very good question about F.Tucker Carlson. And a lot of people are saying there's a video of him killing a child, drinking its blood, and then boiling the body and saving the bones. (It's on a video but some people say George Soros is keeping it hidden from the true patriots at Y.) So my question is, are those bones in his woodshed the ones from that covered-up video? Seems there are too many to be from just one child. So the obvious inference is that the bones come from MULTIPLE children. Of course i'm not saying FTC is a serial child-killer, blood-drinker, or demon-robot from Xandristan (although some people are saying it, and he's yet to prove them wrong), but like you I'm just asking the important questions.

Thanks again for your honest and in-depth reportage.

And in the sandwich department, I'll have a BLT on rye to go, baby bones on the side.

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It's obvious to any viewer of Trucker "Fish Ticks" Cuckstain that he has a twisted love obsession with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Is the purpose of openly revealing his S&M safe word, "Sandy", when ranting about AOC is a clear dog whistle meant for AOC ears, secretly saying, "You're such a stronger, more powerful, and ethical human being than my lying fetid worthless self, Sandy. Please please please join me at my family's Murder House and whip me into your sissy proud boi leather-bitch."?

Why are we not allowed to ask questions about Cuckstain's lustful wanting to show AOC his collection of children's blood and bones? Why doesn't the fake news investigate Cuckstain's lustful need to show MTG and Matt Gaetz his own child bone?

Keep asking questions and don't let the deep state touch your happy place!

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I love everything you write.

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Tal, I'd like to expand on your reporting (and also use your excellent graphic analysis) on a new post at my anti-neo-fascism site. Please let me know if this is OK. If not, I'll delete it ASAP.



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