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I know that Tortas are much further down the wikipedia list & won't be gotten to for a while, but this piece on The Cuban brings the Torta Cubana to mind. It's not a Cuban, it's not *just* a Torta, it's its own glorious thing that'll make a sandwich lover's soul leap for joy.

They vary a bit, but it's usually some combination of Milanesa (breaded cutlet), pork loin, ham, maybe some turkey, sliced hot dogs, chorizo, tomato, avocado, onion, peppers, one or two or three kinds of melted cheese, probably some condiments of some sort, all on a bolillo roll as big as your head. Lots of little Mexican restaurants make a version. If you've never had one yet and you encounter one on a restaurant menu, remember that one of your fans recommends these highly.

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