I "quit" twice. the 2nd time its been almost 10 years :) and I did it one second, one minute at a time. I envisioned all the minutes piling up and started to envision what to do with those minutes. I'm grateful to have those minutes back, though there are other deliciously harmful ways to spend those minutes...a more healthy habit I'm trying to foster is reading posts like yours!

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Good luck! I hope you succeed!

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Great post. I’m rooting for your efforts to quit smoking are successful

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This is brilliant. It's terrible to quit smoking. Terrible, but possible. Good luck with the ice packs. They can do amazing things.

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Bless Up!

January was 45 years free of that addiction. I journey with asthma as a result of it.

I could not have a drink without the insatiable urge - so I went dry for a year…. No desire since… Besides, who wants to suck an ignited butt in public?


Try carrot sticks or celery sticks to munch with those urges…. Hummus dip; tahini; almond butter, or other nut butter mixture to add variety with your munchie sticks has worked with others❣️

You’ve got this🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

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