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Excellent retrospective. All that's missing is Four Seasons Landscaping, eh?

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Great post, but I don't see mention of giuliani's racist-ass participation in the 1992 nypd riot against Mayor Dinkins.

``The day of the protest, Rudy Giuliani was also outside the building with a microphone. Giuliani, a former U.S. Attorney and failed mayoral candidate in 1989, declared, “The reason the morale of the police department of the City of New York is so low is one reason and one reason alone: David Dinkins!” The crowd roared.

The mayor doesn’t know why the morale of the police department is so low,” Giuliani said. “He blames it on me. He blames it on you. Bullshit!” Giuliani then attacked an anti-corruption commission impaneled by Dinkins, which he said was created “to protect David Dinkins’s political ass.” More cheers rose from the crowd.''


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This is actually kinda heartbreaking. I remember Rudy’s NYC with the cabs that “sang” to you.

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What? Nothing about Harold’s side job as a mob enforcer?

As for his days as a USA, his track record against Wall Street was minimal and of course had no effect. He probably did bust up the mob, but of course the vacuum he created was quickly filled, arguably by worse.

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I hope that Giuliani can find a way to redeem himself and rebuild his reputation. But even if he doesn't, the "singing cabs" will always be a reminder of a time when New York City was a city of hope and resilience.

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