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"He does not, in his moment of ecstatic extremity, picture himself alone; he pictures himself as part of a greater whole, a movement, the explosions he creates necessary infusions of kinetic energy, the hand that shoves the boulder down the hill, and starts the avalanche."

This is some good writing.

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A lot of lone wolves, outliers, and anomalies murdering their way across the country. Whiteness shields them for the most part. Sometimes they get caught and punished, secluded from society where they can't do more damage. Not a fan of prisons but if anyone should be locked up it's them.

Many forces push them towards hate and violence--too many to list--and I can't shake the feeling that they are multiplying with every passing day. It's a huge topic encompassing so many cracks in society that it makes one truly hopeless.

The environment that provides fertile soil for these young men--for it's always been far right men so far--to grow into terrorists is vast. I should stop talking before I ramble forever.

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Elohim City!! Those weirdos got swept under the rug so fast.

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