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Thank you for writing this. The luxury of our interconnected local and global systems allowing people to die while fluffing reports or getting bogged down in halls of power is extremely distressing to watch. I recently learned of the 500+ day siege in Tigray and their genocide within a complex civil war (within Ethiopia with Eritrea assisting). Reporting this in the media is scant and the UN shelved naming it as a genocide which would require action. Meanwhile in my adopted country of Australia people of middle eastern background are 13 times more likely to die of Covid. The infection is rife in schools. Last week a white policeman was found not guilty of murdering a 19 year old Indigenous boy. His crime was not to turn up to court because he had sorry business (cultural grieving) over his grandfather's death. Thousands of people in two states have lost homes, jobs, communities, physical and mental health due to flooding caused by inaction on stopping fossil fuel burning. The response by government to this enormous disaster has been minimal. It is local people helping each other and direct private donations from elsewhere helping, including Singapore sending helicopters and food parcels. It feels as if opaque structures encourage scarcity that leads to hatred of the other and ferment atrocities . Putin has been expert at doing this via social media in multiple countries and now we see it leads to war. It's depressing. The normal desire in most people, most of the time, to care for each other is being stifled. I try and do what I can to see, feel and act in a way that may help. Thank you again for your writing.

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