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How to Respond to Critics

Me Me at the Moors

Notable Sandwiches #78: Gyros

Substackers Against Nazis

Natural Born Killers

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Eight Links for Chanukah

Autocracy Now!

Regarding Henry

Notable Sandwiches #77: Guajolota

On the Big Terrible Thing

Talking Turkey

Full Windsor

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Fuck You and Your Word-Stealing Machine

Master of Tasks

Notable Sandwiches #76: Gua Bao

Israel-Palestine: 100 Years of Coverage


Notable Sandwiches #75: Grilled Cheese

Halloween Column: Hexes for Your Exes

Christopher Lee: The Lord of Horror

Notable Sandwiches #74: The Glasgow Oyster

I Have Decided to Become a Witch

A Brief History of New York Punk

Notable Sandwiches #73: The Gerber

America's Apocalyptic Cheerleaders

All the Things I Want

Notable Sandwiches #72: The Gatsby

Speech and Speechlessness

The Making of Donald Trump: 2000-2015

Notable Sandwiches #71: Fried Brain

American Noir, Part I

The Making of Donald Trump: Parts I — IV

It's Always Midnight in Petroleum City

Notable Sandwiches #70: Fricasse

The Confession

Gone fishin'

Labor Pains and Gains

Notable Sandwiches #69: French Dip

The Christian Right's Masculinity Problem

The Making of Donald Trump: The Nineties

Notable Sandwiches #68: Francesinha e Francesinha Poveira

The Rise & Fall & Rise & Fall & Rise & Fall of Rudy Giuliani

What is "The Great American Novel"?

Notable Sandwich Special: Flashback

Herman Melville Goes to Maui

Notable Sandwich #67: The Fool's Gold Loaf

The Making of Donald Trump: The Eighties

The Making of Donald Trump

Notable Sandwiches #66: Fluffernutter

The Christian Right's Deal With the Devil

The Village Voice's Hip-Hop Nation

Oppenheimer, Shatterer of Worlds

A Killer Reading List

A Lineup of Midsummer Classics

“There Are More of Us Than There Are of Them”: How To Be A Feminist in 2023

The Best of National Geographic

Summer Special: A Notable Soup

"You Have To Kill Mom Every 20 Years": How To Be A Feminist in 2023

Bits and Bobs

Notable Sandwiches #66: Fish Finger

Down the Rabbit Hole

Notable Sandwiches #65: The Fishcake Butty

An Agoraphobe in Paris

Among the Thugs

Notable Sandwich #64: Fischbrötchen

Whitman and Baldwin and Ginsberg, Oh My

Notable Sandwiches #63: Falafel

There Comes a Time for Boycotts

Tears Amid the Alien Corn

Poetic Mixtape

The Ultimate Guide to Back Issues

Notable Sandwiches #63: Egg

On the Naked State of Madness

Open World

Notable Sandwiches #62: The Elvis

A Country Devouring its Children

Battle Dad

Notable Sandwich #61: Dyrlægens Natmad

Strike! Strike! Writer's Strike!

Stray thoughts/hiatus

Brain Storms: The Best Books on Madness

Notable Sandwiches #60: Doughnut

The Vanishing Act

Notes on Rock Books

Notable Sandwiches Special: Now They Spin

The Collectors

Culture Club: Tears of a Funny Girl

Notable Sandwiches #59: Doubles

Happy Trump Indictment Day!

The Gangster as Tragic Hero

Stormy With a Chance

On the Rights of the Child, Part I

Culture Club: On Tetris

Notable Sandwiches #58: Donkey Burger

Hope is a Discipline

Culture Club: Boston Noir

Notable Sandwiches: St. Patrick's Day Special

There Will Always Be Blood Money

Culture Club: In Praise of the Genre Mash-Up

Notable Sandwiches #57: Doner Kebab

In Praise of Righteous Vengeance

Culture Club: Beef Broth with Joseph Roth

Notable Sandwiches #56: Denver

Disquiet on the Western Front

Notable Sandwiches #55: Deli

How to Fight a Holy War

Notable Sandwiches #54: The Dagwood

How to Conquer the Devil

Notable Sandwiches #53: Cudighi

Kind of a Crazy Story

Notable Sandwiches #52: Cucumber

Thank You For Not Smoking

Notable Sandwiches #51: The Cuban

Anatomy of a Con: The Mark

Notable Sandwiches #50: Le Croque Monsieur et Le Croque Madame

The Great Right-Wing Con Job